Psarras Georgios

Research Interests:

  • Smart hybrid systems and functional materials incorporating: Shape Memory Alloys, piezo/ferroelectric elements and electrorheological fluids (development, multiple characterization, and functionality).
  • Nanocomposites and nanodielectrics, energy storage and harvesting.
  • Dielectric spectroscopy, electrical properties of polymers and polymer composite materials: dielectric behaviour, AC and DC conductivity.
  • Modeling the electrical response of polymer matrix composite materials.
  • Thermo-mechanical properties of polymers and composite materials.
  • Micromechanics of composite materials using the Laser Raman Spectroscopy.
  • Anticorrosive behaviour of composite polymeric systems using impedance spectroscopy.

Representative publications:

  • Electric modulus and interfacial polarization in composite polymeric systems. G. M. Tsangaris, G. C. Psarras, N. Kouloumbi, Journal of Materials Science, vol. 33, (1998), p. 2027-2037.
  • Adaptive Composites Incorporating Shape Memory Alloy Wires; Part 1: Probing the internal stress and temperature distributions with a laser Raman sensor. G. C. Psarras, J. Parthenios, C. Galiotis, Journal of Materials Science, vol. 36(3), (2001), 535-546.
  • Hopping conductivity in polymer matrix – metal particles composites. G. C. Psarras, Composites Part Α: applied science and manufacturing, Vol. 37, (2006), p. 1545-1553.
  • Polyurethane latex/water dispercible boehmite alumina nanocomposites: thermal, mechanical and dielectric properties. K. G. Gatos, J. G. Martínez Alcázar, G. C. Psarras, J. Karger-Koscis,
  • Composites Science and Technology, vol. 67(2), (2007), 157-167.
  • Dielectric behaviour and functionality of polymer matrix-ceramic BaTiO3 composites. A. Patsidis, G. C. Psarras, Express Polymer Letters, vol. 2(10), 718-726, 2008.
  • Dielectric response, functionality and energy storage in epoxy nanocomposites: barium titanate vs exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets. A. C. Patsidis, K. Kalaitzidou, G. C. Psarras, Materials Chemistry and Physics, vol. 135, (2012), p. 798-805.
  • Dynamic percolation and dielectric response in multiwall carbon nanotubes/poly(ethylene oxide) composites. P. L. Pontikopoulos, G. C. Psarras, Science of Advanced Materials, vol. 5, (2013), p. 14-20.

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