About the Department

The Department of Materials Science was established in September 1999, following a proposal by the School of Natural Sciences that was approved by the University Senate and accepted by the Ministry of Education.

The establishment of a Department in Materials Science came timely with the international upsurge in interest in Materials Science emphasizing on nanoscale phenomena drawn from the quantum nature of matter and the expected significant innovations of nanotechnologies.

The institution was proposed on the expectation of:

  • Enriching the scientific content of the School of Natural Sciences
  • Upgrading the cohesion among the other Departments in the School
  • Broadening and Strengthening the interdisciplinary collaboration within the University and especially the Schools of Engineering and Health Sciences

The mission of the Department is to provide education, training through advanced research in the areas of:

  • Structure and properties of Materials
  • Material design and processing
  • Development of advanced Materials
  • Applications of materials to advanced technologies

The Department’s strategic approach target to the areas of micro-phase / nano-phase materials, molecular materials, biophase and biomaterials with a clear aim of bridging the gap between traditional technologies and the modern nanosciences and nanotechnogies.

The Department has developed both a 4-year undergraduate (BSc) and a 2-year post graduate programme (MSc), as well as a Doctor of Philoshopy programmes all in Materials Science. It further participates in the interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme on Polymer Science & Technology.

Further details are found in www.matersci.upatras.gr.