Garoufalis Christos

His research interests are focused on:

  • Theoretical study of structural, electronic and optical properties of nanostructured materials by means of first principles calculations and advanced techniques from the field of quantum chemistry.
  • Study of semiconductor nanostructures (nanorods, nanowires) consisting of thousands of atoms by means of the Empiric Pseudopotential Method (EPM).
  • Phenomenological calculations in the framework of the Effective Mass Approximation (EMA).
  • The whole spectrum of properties and problems which may be modeled by ab initio and semiempirical calculations

Representative publications:

  • C. S. Garoufalis, A. D. Zdetsis and S. Grimme “High Level Ab Initio Calculations of the Optical Gap of Small Silicon Quantum dots” Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 276402-1 (2001)
  • C. S. Garoufalis and A. D. Zdetsis “High accuracy calculations of the optical gap and absorption spectrum of oxygen contaminated Si nanocrystals” Phys. Chem. Chem Phys. 8 (7), pp. 808-813 (2006)
  • Z. Zeng, C. S. Garoufalis, A. F. Terzis, and S. Baskoutas, "Linear and nonlinear optical properties of ZnO/ZnS and ZnS/ZnO core shell quantum dots: effects of shell thickness, impurity and dielectric environment", J. Appl. Phys. 114, 023510 (2013)
  • Zeng, Z., Garoufalis, C., Baskoutas, S. ”New Insights in the Excitonic Emission of ZnS Colloidal Quantum Dots”, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118, 10502 (2014).
  • S. Baskoutas, Z. Zeng, C. S. Garoufalis and G. Bester, "Morphology control of exciton fine structure in polar and nonpolar zinc sulfide nanorods" Sci Rep. 7: 9366 (2017).


Contact Details

(+30) 2610 997769

garoufal (AT) upatras {DOT} gr