Chairman's Message

Dear Student,
Welcome to Department of Materials Science, School of Excellence, University of Patras, "among the top departments of the University," according to the conclusions of the External Evaluation conducted in September 2013 by the Quality Assurance Agency and Accreditation in Higher Education (
The Materials Science is interdisciplinary area in which are found all areas of basic science. These are mainly of chemistry and physics, special and ever-expanding areas of Biology and Geology and Mathematics as a tool for quantitative expression of physical and chemical laws that govern the behavior of matter.
Department's main objective in terms of education is to organize and run the undergraduate and postgraduate educational program with high quality standards so as to offer graduates a significant and increasing employment opportunities in business, industry, public institutions, at different levels of education and research institutions.
Regarding Research emphasis is given to research areas:
a) molecular materials,
b) bio-materials
c) the microphase and nanophase materials,
Linking Research with Undergraduate and Graduate Program is very important for all of us in the Department and provides our students, according to international standards, all the necessary scientific knowledge leading to the design and development of materials with desirable properties both theoretically and experimentally.
It is also worth to mention that according to the Presidential Decree (Presidential Decree no. 45 Government Gazette 58 / 04.28.2009) graduates of the Department of Materials Science, Faculty of Sciences University of Patras can be employed either as freelancers or as employees in various areas of research and education.

Many wishes for every success in your studies !!

Patras, September 2018

Sotirios Baskoutas