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Materials Science Department of the University of Patras is organizing the 1st Summer School of nanoQIQO. The school will be run remotely, allowing participants to join from their location.


The scope of this Summer School is to offer young researchers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the theoretical background and relevant methodologies which are closely related to the fields of Quantum Information and Quantum Optics. Advances in these scientific areas pave the way for technological applications with the potential to radically improve or transform several aspects of human endeavor.

The school may also act as a bridge, aiming at connecting young researchers from the Russian Armenian University with researchers from University of Patras and University of Hamburg and creating the appropriate environment for knowledge exchange and fruitful collaborations.

Who should attend

Researchers in the early stages of their careers, prospective postgraduate students as well as doctoral candidates. Of course, are also welcomed those who are interested to be informed about the current issues of Quantum Information and Quantum Optics.


Electronic structure calculations and applications
Optical properties of Nanomaterials
Quantum Optics at the nanoscale
Experimental Techniques
Quantum technologies


S. Baskoutas, University of Patras
G. Bester, Universität Hamburg
I. Galanakis, University of Patras
C. S. Garoufalis, University of Patras
D. Hayrapetyan, Russian-Armenian University
N. Iliopoulos, University of Patras
V. Karanikolas, University of Patras
S. Kosionis, University of Patras
E. Koukaras, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
E. Paspalakis, University of Patras
P. Poulopoulos, University of Patras
G. C. Psarras, University of Patras
H. Sarkisyan, Russian-Armenian University
D. Stefanatos, University of Patras
I. Thanopulos, University of Patras
V. Yannopapas, National Technical University of Athens
Z. Zeng, Henan University



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