Postgraduate Studies

The department of Materials Science offers a two year Master of Science Degree (MSc) "Materials Science" and a PhD programme that offers research training and advanced education in forefront research areas of Materials Science. It also participates in the interdepartmental MScs, "Science and Technology of Polymers" in collaboration with the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering of the University of Patras and in the MSc "Enviromental Sciences" in collaboration with the departments of Biology, Geology, Physics and Chemistry of the University of Patras.

Postgraduate courses for the MSc Diploma in "Materials Science" are listed in the following table detailing the curriculum.

The Department operates a Doctoral Degree programme linked with fields of current research activity. The Department also accepts foreign students who study and work in English language according to recent legislation and relevant departmental decisions.


Further details are found in the STUDENT GUIDE 2015-2016 (pdf)
and the web site of the Department