Bakandritsos Aristides

His research interests are:

  • Bottom up synthesis of hybrid (organic/inorganic) nanocolloids through self-assembly and “grafting-to” techniques.
  • Physicochemical derivatization of the surface of inorganic nanocrystallites with small molecules, biopolymers and synthetic macromolecules of variable architecture toward functional nano-assemblies.
  • Study of magnetic and colloidal properties and interactions with molecules of biological interest.
  • Study of structure-property relationships and optimization towards their applications as therapeutic nanoplatforms.

Representative publications:

  • “Surface Modification of Ultrafine Magnetic Iron Oxide Particles,” A.B Bourlinos, A. Bakandritsos, V. Georgakilas, and D. Petridis, Chemistry of Materials 14 (8), 3226 (2002).
  • “High Surface Area Montmorillonite-Carbon Composites and Derived Carbons,” A. Bakandritsos, Th. Steriotis, and D. Petridis, Chemistry of Materials 16(8), 1551-1559 (2004).
  • “Carbon Nanotube Growth on a Swellable Clay Matrix,” A. Bakandritsos, A. Simopoulos, and D. Petridis, Chemistry of Materials 13, 3468-3474 (2005).
  • “Optically active Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes with a Nanocrystalline Magnetic Core,” A. Bakandritsos, N. Bouropoulos, R. Zboril, N. Boukos, G. Chatzikyriakos, K. Iliopoulos, and S. Couris, Advanced Functional Materials 18, 1694 (2008).
  • “Some Physicochemical Aspects of Nanoparticulate Iron Oxide Colloids in Neat Water and in Presence of Polyvinyl Alcohol,” A. Bakandritsos, G.C. Psarras, and N. Boukos, Langmuir 24(20), 11489-11496 (2008).


Contact Details

(+30) 2610 969383

abakan (AT) upatras {DOT} gr