Chairman’s Message


Dear Student, Dear Friend,


Welcome to the Department of Materials Science, A Department of Excellence at the University of Patras.


Materials” represent a most significant factor in the development of human civil civilization. Their use characterized long archaeological periods form the “stone-age to “copper” and iron-age, to industrial revolution and the ambient information age we live in today.


The “art and technique” of materials changes dramatically since antiquity, but the goal of developing tools and objects useful tom the mankind remains unchanged. The “Science of Materials” has been bordered worldwide and started rapidly developing from the ‘70s. It is a knowledge intensive field, a result of research and development at the interphases of classical subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. As a multidimensional interdisciplinary field it supports human civilization in all manifestations, driving critically every social and economic activity: industry, energy, information technologies, environment and health sciences.


The scientific knowledge and technological edge certainly leads to growth and human prosperity. In that way, in the present adverse times studying the modern scientific and technological fields of “Materials Science” is timely and necessary. Understanding the interactions of matter in the molecular and the atomic regime constitutes a basic prerequisite for the design and fabrication of advanced materials and structures having unique properties that will drive the future civilization.


Since its establishment in 1999 the Department of Materials Science is committed to high academic quality, remaining consistent with the vision of “nanosciences and nanotechnologies in the service of man”. The strategy of its development, its educational and research programme embraces all modern international trends, placing emphasis on the foundations of Materials Science as a most critical factor for innovation and applications. Undergraduate education focuses on the fundamental subjects which together with laboratory training and computing create a solid basis for specialization in the field of Materials and their applications. The Postgraduate programme commences with theory, modeling and design, proceeds with synthesis and growth of advanced materials in the micro- and nano-scale, molecular and supramolecular structures, biomaterials, as well as their characterization without overlooking the functionality and the integration of novel methods and devices.


It its difficult way of development the Department of Materials Science has achieved a position amongst the top academic units in Greece, and its is compared with some of the renown departments in Europe, according to international academic standards. Against the strong international competition, the adverse and negative local environment, the steady under-funding by the state, the Department remains internationally visible and possesses top academic position with its excellent quality education and research and its constantly upgrading research infrastructure.


The link between research and student education is foundational and fed constantly by the Excellence of the Department. The programme of study is fully harmonized with international standards and its balanced structure covers all science and technical subjects required to understand the rich and complex phenomena of matter and its interactions in the microcosmos and the nanocosmos.


State-of-the-art scientific knowledge and experimental competencies are warranted resources for a successful academic and professional development of the graduate.


Patras, August 2013


Nikolaos A. Vainos


Chair of the Department of Materials Science